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Safe and secure transportation
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Your Children

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Safe, Secure & Affordable


Have you been looking for a solution to the problem of getting your children to school and back, while still trying to manage your own hectic schedule?

Safe, Secure and Affordable transportation for your scholars has arrived and is just a click of a button away!

Schoolride is a mobile APP that has been designed for Parents/Guardians to get scholars to and from school safely and securely. Whether it’s to manage the odd times that we’re faced with when it comes to extra murals, or just a morning trip to school.

Parents/Guardians or Scholars can make a booking with a registered driver to a location that has been APPROVED by the Parent/Guardian only.

The Parent/Guardian will register themselves as well as their scholars on the Schoolride APP. They will specify which school they attend which will determine which drivers are available for drop-off and collection. Once a booking has been made the APP will request a drop off address, pickup address and what time the trip is required.

The Parent/Guardian will receive a notification the moment their scholar has been picked up, as well as a notification when the scholar has been dropped off at the approved location.

Any Parent/Guardian who has a scholar registered in a school may register as a Schoolride driver and drive for multiple schools.

How do you register as a driver on the Schoolride App? Click here


What Our Customers Have To Say

Trudie Heinemann

This really is a very secure way of making sure your kids get to school and back safely. I don’t have to worry because I receive confirmation from the driver when he or she is on the way and get confirmation when my child is safely dropped off. The app is easy to download and to navigate. I can surely recommend this to any parent struggling with transport for their children and it is affordable. Go check out their app.

Bernard Kruger

Great app, very safe option.




Schoolride Rates

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How do I register to become a Schoolride driver?

Download the Schoolride App on your phone from your App Store and start earning from day one.
Have the following at hand:
- Profile pic of yourself (for identification purposes, so scholars can verify drivers)
- Profile pic of your Child (this is for when your children needs a ride themselves from other drivers, for identification purposes)
- Latest Statement of your Child's School Account (this serves as proof that your children are still at school)
- Your banking details (this is needed in order for Schoolride to pay you for rides completed)
- Copy of your Public Liability Insurance (contact your broker or insurance company to add to your existing Vehicle Insurance. The cost involved is minimal)
- Picture of your Vehicle at a 45° angle from the front of your vehicle (so scholars can identify your vehicle upon pick-up)
- Your Vehicle's registration number (so scholars can identify your vehicle upon pick-up)

What steps do I need to follow after getting the above information to complete my registration?

1) Complete your personal details as a Parent
2) Your Child does not need to register, you register your Child on your APP (you will receive a Password with which your Child can log-in on their phone)
3) Fill in your primary address as one of your approved drop-off locations
4) Upload a clear profile photo of yourself
5) Click on "Register as Driver"
6) Complete your banking details for Schoolride payments to you
7) Complete your Vehicle details as prompted and upload Picture

How do I register as a driver?

To register as a driver, you need to complete your scholar's details as proof that you are a parent-driver.
1) Complete your Child's details and upload their Profile picture (this is so other drivers can visually identify your child for when they use the Schoolride APP)
2) A valid mobile number is mandatory, for the Schoolride APP on your Child's phone to syncronise with your phone
3) Select whether or not you would like your Child to be able to book their own trips
4) Add your Child's School from the drop down list, as one of your approved drop-off locations
5) Upload Statement of your Child's School Statement, as proof that your Child is a scholar
6) Click on Submit
7) Click on the ≡ (Hamburger menu) in the Schoolride APP, select the “Add schools to drive for” option and choose the schools for which you would like to be a driver in your community.
8) You may add more Approved drop-off locations for your Children by clicking on the ≡ (Hamburger menu) and then "Approved Locations" (alternatively, if your Child books a ride to an address that’s not yet on your Approved Locations, you will receive a Notification to Approve or Decline the Address. Once approved, it will be added as an Approved drop-off location)

How to register on the Schoolride APP?

Download the Schoolride APP on your mobile device, and follow the steps shown to register.

Are the Schoolride trips only to school and back?

Trips are not limited to school and back, you can drive for any extra mural activities as well as over weekends for non-school related practices. A registered Schoolride driver that is available for trips, may drive Scholars to any requested drop off point with authorization of the location from their parents. 

How much money can a Schoolride driver earn?

A Schoolride driver can earn any amount ranging from R3000-R12000 per month doing what they do on a daily basis and depending on how often they are willing to accept trips.

Latest News


No more walk-ins at the driving licence testing centres in Tshwane from 1 October 2018

The MMC for Roads and Transport, Cllr Sheila Senkubuge, would like to advise the members of the public that as of 1 October 2018, there will be no more walk-ins at any Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC) for people applyimg for driver's licence cards, PrDPs and learner's licences in Tshwane.

Tshwane is making use of an online booking system that was launced on  31 August 2018.

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